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Infant & Toddler Care Program in Huntington Beach, California

Ensure you give your kids the educational start they need when you enroll them into the infant or toddler care program at BrightStar Learning Center in Huntington Beach, California.

Welcome to the Infant & Toddler Care Program

Our infant care program offers two different programs. There is one for infants from eight weeks old to approximately 12 months, and the other program is for toddlers from approximately 12 months to two years.

Our Programs

  • First Program Ages—Eight Weeks–12 Months
  • Ratio–1:4
  • Second Program Ages—12 Months–24 Months

Never Ceasing to Amaze

From their first smile to their first tentative steps, your infant's development will never cease to delight and amaze you. There will be many milestones to celebrate along the way, from rolling over and grasping favorite toys, to sitting up and crawling and saying their first words!
Infant Care | BrightStar Learning Centers | Huntington Beach CA
Toddler Care | BrightStar Learning Centers | Huntington Beach CA
Our child care center has designed a curriculum to nurture these skills in a way that will excite and motivate your child as he/she grows. Our infant and toddler care program emphasizes the importance of the interactions between our teachers and your child to promote cognitive and social development.
Additionally, our teachers offer loving attention from cuddling, rocking, and thoughtful interaction, to singing and talking, all in a safe, clean, and healthy environment.

A Curriculum for the Inquisitive

Toddlers are naturally inquisitive, open, energetic, and happy. BrightStar Learning Center has designed a curriculum to ensure these qualities are nurtured and channeled in a positive and constructive atmosphere.
Toddlers spend much of their day singing, dancing, laughing, and playing. Our toddler care program provides stimulating activities and group interactions designed to generate interest and curiosity as your child grows. During their time with our teachers, the children also begin to learn basic words and numbers, play simple games, and develop relationships with each other.

Let's Work Together

In order to provide the best possible care for your child, we feel it is important for us to work as a team. You, the parent, and the BrightStar Learning Center caregivers both bring valuable dimensions to your child's development. With mutual respect and clear communication, your child's growth at our center can be a happy and rewarding experience.
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